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Jim Brown Named a Special Adviser to the Cleveland Browns' Organization

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

The Cleveland Browns formally announced today that legendary running back Jim Brown has been named the team's new Special Adviser, which is the type of role I think we all envisioned him having when we heard an announcement was forthcoming.

"I’m going to spend a lot of time (here). I’m going to hopefully meet with the coach (Rob Chudzinski) and meeting with him will give me a good idea of where he feels I can be most effective in assisting where he’s coming from. If there’s any chores that Jimmy wants me involved in on his level, I’m going to be very happy to do that. I’m going to be here quite a bit, and I will be on call to the Cleveland Browns first. My activities will take a secondary position to the needs of the Cleveland Browns."

Brown's previous role with the team, up until 2010, was "Executive Adviser." When Mike Holmgren came in, everything between Brown and the organization went to hell. I think 92.3 The Fan's Joe Lull makes a good point:

In the end, and this is not to say that Holmgren was wrong with how he interacted with Brown, it is good to see that things are patched up now between Brown and the organization. Brown was already busy turning in some praise for running back Trent Richardson, which is different than what was said during the offseason in 2012:

Now it's your turn. What will be the first thing that Brown advises someone in the organization to do (have some fun with that question!)?