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Brooks: Browns' Offense in Position to Surprise People


Should we all be convinced that Bucky Brooks of is secretly a die-hard Cleveland Browns fan? After showing some love to running back Trent Richardson the other day in a discussion about he and Alfred Morris, Brooks was at it again Tuesday night, except this time, he was glorifying the entire offense of the Browns.

Brooks goes into detail on the following four reasons why the Browns' offense could surprise teams in 2013:

  1. Trent Richardson will be the bedrock of the offense.
  2. Brandon Weeden is a perfect fit for Norv Turner's vertical attack.
  3. Josh Gordon and Greg Little could form an impressive 1-2 punch.
  4. Jordan Cameron is the X-factor to the Browns' offensive success.

I consider myself an eternal optimist when it comes to the Browns, so is all of this too optimistic? I don't think so, and I think Brooks hit a lot of good points on the head. So many members of our young personnel on offense can benefit from what Norv Turner coaches, which makes it all-the-more-unbelievable that we are getting Turner the offensive coach, and not Turner the terrible-game-manager. Brooks' had a lot of praise for quarterback Brandon Weeden:

"After breaking down Weeden's performance as a rookie, I came away impressed with his arm strength, awareness and anticipation. He can make every throw in the book with zip and velocity. Most importantly, Weeden will let the ball go on time, trusting his receivers to get to their designated spots down the field."

We've already been through why Gordon and Little are shaping up to be an impressive tandem, so then the final factor comes down to Cameron. The reason he is an X-factor is that there are some parallels athletically to the tight ends that Turner and Rob Chudzinski have worked with in the past. Questions remain, though, such as, "can he stay healthy?" Not every player with potential ends up panning out either, so we'll just have to ride it out with him and hope for the best.

What do you think by Brooks' assessment? Are you surprised to see such an optimistic piece, or do you think more members of the media will be jumping on the bandwagon soon?