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Trent Richardson Vows Not to be Injury Prone for Browns


"Injury-prone is not going to be me," said Cleveland Browns running back Trent Richardson to reporters today, on the second-to-last day of OTA sessions before mandatory minicamp kicks off next week. "When people say stuff about being injury-prone, I think it’s just a mindset, and I know that’s not me."

I understand that players want to believe that injuries won't be a problem for them, but it is kind of funny to hear Richardson declare that injuries will not plague him like they did in 2012. In the very same interview session with reporters, Richardson spoke about the strained shin muscle that he suffered, saying, "It happened during a practice (but) I really don't know how." Yes, that's exactly the concern -- we don't know how it happened, but it did...again.

Nonetheless, the Browns continue to downplay the injury. Richardson's status for next week's minicamp is still in doubt, but Richardson claims that he's physically good-to-go. "I could be out there, but they want to be cautious about it," said Richardson.

Richardson also spoke about the honor of having Jim Brown as a special adviser to the team, and that he would listen to any advice that the Hall of Fame running back is willing to give him. The Akron Beacon Journal posted a video of Richardson's interview with reporters: