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Browns' Top Defenders Are Looking Forward to Ray Horton's Defense

Yesterday, we talked about Cleveland Browns offensive coordinator Norv Turner getting fired up at practice the other day, but at the same time having the respect of the players. The same holds true for defensive coordinator Ray Horton, and two of our top defenders -- Joe Haden and D'Qwell Jackson -- spoke out on what Horton's scheme will allow them to do this year:

"That’s a coach who believes in me, a coach who’s going to have me guarding No. 1 (receivers)," Haden told the Plain Dealer's Tom Reed. "He said I’m his guy, I’m the corner he’s been looking for."

"[The Defense] is 'get to the quarterback or bust.' I think that’s why we went so hard to get D-linemen and pass rushers who can get to the quarterback and make things happen."

Tom Withers of the Associated Press complimented Horton, but then added the reason why it might be premature to think about things long-term with Horton:

Knowing that Horton will be a hot commodity in 2014, the Browns would be wise to appoint someone as a protege, so-to-speak, for Horton, who could then take over if needed.

Tony Grossi from ESPN Cleveland had an interview with Haden that talked more about Horton here.