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Pro Football Weekly Comes to an End

Julian Finney

Unless someone acquires them, it appears that Pro Football Weekly is coming to an end:

In the 35 years that I have been the publisher/editor here, I have lived constantly in awe of the journalists we have been so blessed to work with. Almost every great pro football writer in the modern era has graced the pages of PFW, and the work of every single writer whose byline has appeared here has been undeniably brilliant. The pay was always small, when it came at all, and yet they almost never complained and all that most of them ever wanted to know was what they could do to help. They have to be the greatest fraternity in the world.

You should read the entire "goodbye" here.

I think a lot of you will probably recall PFW from its glory days; I can't say that I often frequented their site, but I was well aware of their reputation and the magazines that they put out. Part of it this is a changing part of the times; fortunately, I happen to be part of a network that is part of the latest trends in media, Vox Media / SB Nation, covering the Cleveland Browns.

Tell us your PFW memories, if you have any. Did you grow up reading them?