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Will the Browns Host Any Joint Practices or Scrimmages in Training Camp?


It has been quite a long time since the Cleveland Browns have had joint practices or a scrimmage with another NFL team in training camp. In fact, the last time it happened was during the 2004 season, when Butch Davis and the Browns had a regular relationship with the Buffalo Bills.

Since then, the "Family Fun Day" practice at the stadium has sort of taken its place. With another new coaching staff and regime coming to town, though, it begs the question: will Cleveland once again join the ranks of teams that partner up with somebody else in training camp?

The question was ignited after I saw that the Cincinnati Bengals recently announced that they will be heading to Flowery Branch, GA for two days to have open-to-the-public practices with the Falcons. The practices will precede their exhibition match-up against each other a few days later. I tried to look for evidence on whether the current Browns' coaching staff had any recent experience in setting up joint training camp sessions:

  • It does not look like the Carolina Panthers scrimmaged anyone during Rob Chudzinski's reign there. However, Chudzinski was the Browns' tight ends coach in 2004, which is the last time they scrimmaged Buffalo.
  • As the head coach of the San Diego Chargers last year, Norv Turner scrimmaged and practiced with the Dallas Cowboys for at least the past two seasons. It sounded like the sessions took place for two to three days, alternating each year in the other team's location. With Turner leaving, the two sides aren't scrimmaging in 2013.
  • As the defensive coordinator of the Arizona Cardinals last year, Ray Horton's team traveled to Missouri to practice against the Kansas City Chiefs during training camp.

We'll see if anything is announced in the coming weeks. Teams that are busy trying to install their philosophies in the first year might be less likely to set up such an accommodation, but it would still seem to be worthwhile...unless it takes some camp sessions away from Cleveland, of course. What do you think? Would you like to see the Browns practice or scrimmage against a team in training camp, or is it better that they just go up against each other?