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Results of DBN Mock Draft Picks

Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

Before the draft, 7 staff members from Dawgs By Nature, as well as the community, put together a mock draft. A week removed from the draft, I went off the scoring system that The Huddle Report uses to grade mock drafts, where you get 1 point if the player you picked was drafted at least somewhere in the first round, and you get an additional 2 points if you matched that player with the team that chose them. The results are listed below:

  1. 35 points: Josh Finney
  2. 32 points: Chris Pokorny, Matt Wood
  3. 31 points: Jon Stinchcomb, DBN Community
  4. 25 points: rufio, Zach Miller
  5. 13 points: mooncamping

It is very possible that I made errors since there were a lot of picks to go through and it was difficult to match things up with all of the trades that occurred. I made some judgements with trades -- the Vikings ended up with three first-round picks, but if anyone correctly mocked a player to Minnesota at any position, they got full credit. To see everyone's picks and scores together, here is the Excel file I made.

Unfortunately, our scores were pretty bad compared to some of the members of the national media. I think it is also a sign of how unpredictable the first round of the draft was compared to usual. Also, you could conceivably add two points to everyone's scores, since we knew before the draft that Eric Fisher was going to Kansas City instead of Luke Joeckel. Dan Kadar, one of the better mock drafters in recent years, scored a 38, which is lower than his average.