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Cabot: Former Browns GM Tom Heckert Finds Work With the Broncos

Jason Miller

According to a report by Mary Kay Cabot of the Plain Dealer, former Cleveland Browns general manager Tom Heckert has landed his first gig since being let go by the new regime: a personnel executive for the Denver Broncos, where he will work under John Elway, the Executive VP of Football Operations. Albert Breer of had a more specific title for him:

Many Browns fans were upset that Heckert was not retained as the general manager after the solid job he did at re-shaping the team's offense and some of the deals he was able to pull off to put the Browns in great cap shape. Michael Lombardi replaced him, and while Cleveland has made some aggressive moves this offseason, fans are still quite wary of the new regime.

Earlier in the offseason, Heckert's name was tied to the Kansas City Chiefs and a few other teams, so it is interesting to see him go to a division rival of Andy Reid's new team. It's no surprise that he found work so quickly again, though.