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Joshua Cribbs Still Trying to Find an NFL Home After Cleveland

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The ship has already long sailed on the possibility of Joshua Cribbs returning to the Cleveland Browns in 2013. The new front office did not seem to have an interest in re-signing him to begin with, and the acquisitions of Davone Bess and David Nelson further confirmed the team's intent to move on. Nonetheless, due to his long-time service with the team, I feel obligated to cover his search for a new team.

If you recall, back in mid-March, it seemed like Cribbs was ready to join the Arizona Cardinals. Then, it was revealed that Cribbs had a knee injury that he was recovering from, and that the Cardinals would look at him again in a few weeks, with the intention of signing him. Unfortunately for Cribbs, it has been seven weeks, and he is still not a member of the Cardinals.

Jamison Hensley from ESPN speculates that because the Cardinals drafted cornerback Tyrann Mathieu in the third round, a guy who has some big-play return ability, that they no longer need Cribbs. It was a little questionable why they'd need Cribbs in the first place, considering they had Patrick Peterson in the return game.

The Cardinals' general manager, Steve Keim, was asked after the draft if Cribbs "was now off their radar," to which he replied the following:

"That’s something we have already explored," Keim said. "At this point, I really can’t get any further into it, so I will leave it at that."

Cribbs posted a video today of him training for his comeback to the NFL -- the question now is which team will end up signing him, now that Cleveland and Arizona are apparently out of the mix?

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UPDATE: Well, and then there is this little oddity, which I imagine has to be a typo or something...