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Bryant: "A Few Beers is Not Worth Giving up my Football Career"

The punishment is in for Cleveland Browns seventh-round draft pick Armonty Bryant after being busted on DUI charges the other day:

  • One-year deferred sentence
  • $1,136 in fines and court costs
  • Required to listen to a victims-impact panel on the dangers of drunk driving
  • Required to attend a substance-abuse screening panel over the next six months

For Bryant, though, the big question that has to be on his mind is whether or not he'll be accepted as a member of the team this Friday when the Browns begin rookie minicamp. In a report by Mary Kay Cabot of the Plain Dealer, she says that as of Tuesday, a team spokesman "had not heard anything about Bryant not being invited to camp."

Cabot got in touch with Bryant's agent, Marc Lillibridge, who was full of quotes that conveyed his client's remorse and promises not to slip up again.

Lillibridge said Lombardi was upset "but said he'd let the legal system take its course and handle it accordingly. Armonty is determined to work hard, overcome this and be the player and the young man that the Browns drafted him to be."

"He told me, 'I'm getting XBox Live and I'm not leaving the house,'" said Lillibridge. "He said, 'having a few beers is not worth giving up my football career.'"

I'm not looking to defend Bryant's actions in the least, but I also don't think a message needs to be sent by cutting him. There are plenty of roster spots available in camp, and there could still be a nice reward if Bryant turns his act around and lives up to his hype. If he doesn't, then he can still be released with no harm done.