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Jim Brown to Advise Browns Players Who Are Staying Out Too Late


Earlier today in the Daily Dawg Chow, Jon posted a link to an article on ESPN featuring the new special consultant for the Cleveland Browns, Jim Brown. The primary purpose of the article was to quote Brown on his thoughts when it comes to safety in the sport of NASCAR vs. the NFL. Toward the end of the article, though, he had a little bit to say about the Browns:

"I'm back to my family," Brown said. "I'm looking forward to it. I would be a Brown the rest of my life anyway, but I'm officially back and I'm going to do everything I can do to help them. They have a little running back there [Trent Richardson] I might be able to help. And some of those players are staying out a little too late at night. I have a little advice for them, as well."

That party-animal Brandon Weeden will surely be hearing from Brown soon! Seriously, though, which members of the Browns could he be referring to? Could it be the likes of Greg Little, Josh Gordon, Joe Haden, or Quentin Groves? And, if so, do you think any of those players would be receptive to Brown's advice to perhaps..."cut it out?"