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Prisco: Browns OLB Paul Kruger Overrated, S T.J. Ward Underrated


Last week, Pete Prisco of CBS Sports went through all 32 teams in the NFL and chose one overrated player and one underrated player from each of them. Here is what he said about the Cleveland Browns:

Overrated: OLB Paul Kruger. I know he's coming off a good season, but is he really an elite player like they paid him? I don't think so. Good, not great.

Underrated: S T.J. Ward. In his third season, this hard-hitting safety improved in all areas and could have easily been a Pro Bowl player.

As much as I would like to chastise anyone for calling our top free agent acquisition overrated, it would be kind of hypocritical of me to do that. Sure, I am fully behind Paul Kruger now that he is a member of the Browns, but for the contract he was projected to be getting, I spent most of the time prior to the start of free agency referring to Kruger as overvalued (which basically implies overrated).

As for Ward, there seems to be a strong trend among members of the media indicating that he is underrated. This is not a knock on Ward, but in a funny kind of way, I think the constant harping that Ward is "underrated" is a bit "overrated." Ward has done some good things, but has also been banged up a lot and hasn't proven to be among the elite class of safeties in the NFL.

Try to come up with your own overrated/underrated pair for the Browns. When you think through it, it might be harder for you to come up with selections than you think.