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Daily Dawg Chow: Browns news (6/12/13)



Cleveland Browns:


  • "Multiple cities, same year: Is this the future of the draft?" ( - "The recent two-week shift of the 2014 NFL Draft that was necessitated by a scheduling conflict at New York's Radio City Music Hall could wind up being just the beginning of the changes coming to one of the league's glamor events in ensuing years."
  • "Colts sign RB Ahmad Bradshaw" (AP) - "The Indianapolis Colts are trying to improve their running game. Ahmad Bradshaw is just the latest piece of the puzzle. The Indianapolis Colts signed the unrestricted free agent on Tuesday, adding a veteran running back to their crowded backfield. He will join the team Wednesday under a contract whose terms were not disclosed."
  • "WR Nicks shows up for Giants mandatory minicamp" (AP) - "An unapologetic Hakeem Nicks showed up for the New York Giants' mandatory minicamp and refused to disclose why he skipped all nine of the team's recent 'voluntary' workouts."
  • "1. Vince Lombardi: Simply the best" (ESPN) - "Vince Lombardi took over a downtrodden Green Bay Packers team in 1959 and turned it into professional football's most dominant organization of the 1960s."