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Dawgs By Nature Radio

DBN will now have a weekly radio show in which you can call and join in on the discussion

Phil Dawson is already on hold
Phil Dawson is already on hold
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

It has been rumored for awhile, but the podcast is returning and it will be better than ever.

Dawgs By Nature will have it's own radio show, and you can join in the discussion. It will feature a rotating round table of DBN writers and the best guest of all, you. Wish you could tell me how wrong I am in something stronger than the written word? You now have your shot.

From the looks of it, we will be hosting a weekly show Tuesday nights at 7pm EST. You will be able to listen at this website (make sure you bookmark it because you can catch every show at that location). If you can't get to a computer and are in your car at showtime, we have you covered as well.

You can listen to the show at (347)-838-9742, but if you press "1" when you call that number, you can voice your opinion when the hosts bring you in. In other words, you can be part of the show as a caller. Call up, put in your two cents, just like a sports talk show.

You can also reach us through twitter, facebook and a new email address ( You have no excuses to not join the party! We want to hear from commentors, writers, readers, lurkers, even Pwanda and TWB.

A huge thanks to Blog Talk Radio for hooking us up with a top notch site to bring the best Browns coverage on the internet to the best fans in the world. This show will be as good as the listeners make it. Can't wait to have a ton of calls, emails, twitter interaction, etc.

Now that we have that all out out of the way, what should we talk about Tuesday?