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Should OT Joe Thomas Have Been Ranked Higher Than the No. 28 Player of 2013?

Even at a Pro Bowl practice, Joe Thomas is ready to smother J.J. Watt.
Even at a Pro Bowl practice, Joe Thomas is ready to smother J.J. Watt.
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL Network has been slowly unveiling their list of Top 100 players, as voted upon by players currently in the game. At the beginning of May, we discussed whether Cleveland Browns running back Trent Richardson deserved to be the No. 71 ranked player. In the weeks to follow, we knew at least one other player would make the list from the Browns, and that would be left tackle Joe Thomas. It's just an obvious projection that the No. 1 left tackle in the game would not be left off the list.

Last Thursday, it was revealed that Thomas was the No. 28 ranked player in the NFL. The video has testimonials from former Browns tight end Ben Watson and kicker Phil Dawson, defensive lineman Jared Allen, and a couple of offensive linemen. It also shows him when he was on his fishing trip when the Browns drafted him, and has highlights of him holding his own against any and all defensive players. This year's ranking is a big leap for Thomas, who was ranked No. 43 in 2011 and No. 82 in 2012. One question now is, "should he have been ranked higher?"

Scott over at Waiting for Next Year posted a clip from NFL Network's Michael Irvin, who described Thomas as a "fat guy who doesn't impact the game," believing Thomas should have been ranked much lower, if at all. May God have mercy on Irvin's soul.