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Cincinnati Bengals Will be Featured on Hard Knocks Again


In 2009, the Cincinnati Bengals were featured on HBO's Hard Knocks. They'll be featured again in 2013, meaning Browns fans can watch one of their AFC North rivals as they go through training camp. The Bengals have had their share of issues in the past as an organization, and the most recent one involves cornerback Pacman Jones.

The Seahawks and Chargers reportedly turned down the opportunity this offseason. As far as we know, the Browns never expressed any interest in appearing on the show (and it might not have been the best idea, given the situation with Jimmy Haslam right now). Cincy Jungle, our Bengals affiliate, examined why their team would want to be featured on the show for a second time:

In accepting NFL Films' offer for the second time in the last five years, the Bengals appear to be expressing confidence in the ability and focus of their young players. Joe Reedy of the Cincinnati Enquirer expects that there won't be an official announcement until next week, or "two weeks at the latest".

Cincy Jungle then went back to look at quotes from Marvin Lewis from back in 2009, when he first accepted the offer for his team to appear on the show, believing his motives then are similar to his motives now.

Are the Bengals a compelling enough of a team to make you want to watch Hard Knocks when it debuts this season?