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DBN Radio 7pm EST Tuesday Nights

DBN Radio 7pm EST Tuesday Nights

Are the troubles behind Josh Gordon?
Are the troubles behind Josh Gordon?

Clear the calendars, start making honey-do-list excuses and call in sick. Dawgs By Nature Radio gets started Tuesday night at 7pm EST. (That is 6 Central, 5 Mountain, 4 Pacific and for Mike Krupka 3am Hawaiian. I think).

I will be joined by a host of DBN authors, and of course, hopefully you.

Here is a quick refresher course for those who need it:

Here is the LINK.

If you want to ask a question on twitter, just add #DBNRadio and send it away. You can also send us in emails at And last, but certainly not least, you can call up to listen (if you are in the car and can't get to a computer) or call up and drop in a comment by calling 347-838-9742. That will allow you to listen. If you have a question, just press one and someone will screen your call, get your name (screenname or real) and get you on as soon as we can.

If you can't make it, no need to worry. You can always listen to archived shows here and we will upload them on DBN when it is all said and done.

This week we will be covering the hot topics of the past week or so for the Browns:

1. Josh Gordon's suspension: Who step's up? Should we keep him?

2. Breakout player this season

3. Greg Little and the magical leg pads; what's the big deal?

4. Jim Brown; Good idea or bad?

Please help us out and spread the word. Facebook, twitter, email friends, etc. So many people put hard work into DBN, lets spread the word to other Browns fans and give the site the attention it deserves. Call us, email us, tweet us and join the party. I don't care if you have never posted, please join us now.

Can't wait to get the chance to talk to everyone.