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QB Open Discussion: What Are Your Expectations for Weeden, and What is His Leash?


We are in the final day of our Cleveland Browns Training Camp Preview for the quarterback position. A few days ago, I reviewed the three quarterbacks on the roster: starter Brandon Weeden, and backups Jason Campbell and Brian Hoyer.

There were not a lot of comments about the position compared to last year, and I think that is because there isn't a single fan out there who wants or is interested in a quarterback besides Weeden being the starter this year. That's a good thing, but now it's time to have an open discussion on the following two topics:

  1. What are your expectations in 2013, statistically, for Brandon Weeden?
  2. How long is Weeden's leash before someone else gets a chance?

I think it's very fair to use Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton as a barometer for Weeden's statistical expectations. Dalton threw for 20 touchdowns in 2011, and 27 touchdowns in 2012. Weeden only had 14 touchdown passes in 2012, which was a disappointment. If he is able to elevate that figure anywhere between 20-27 touchdown passes this season, I would be ecstatic. I did not have a big issue with the number of interceptions (17) that Weeden threw last year. If a quarterback can keep the number of picks at one or less per game, that's fine with me.

Regarding Weeden's leash, my inkling is to say that we let him play the entire season, no matter what the team's record is, as long as he does not look "Blaine Gabbert-bad." If he ends up being the sole reason we are losing (i.e. constantly throwing a pick six when the game is tied), then maybe you consider giving him the hook, but that would be the case with pretty much any starting quarterback in this league. Fans wondered whether Weeden would make it to year No. 2 under Michael Lombardi, but I don't anticipate an in-season change being made.

What do you guys think? Have at it in the comments section below.