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Cleveland Browns Add 5 New People to Their Personnel Department


In a release on the official team site, the Cleveland Browns have added five people to their personnel department, replacing the previous staff that was in place after the new regime cleaned house following the draft. Here are the roles for each of the new additions:

  • Senior Pro Scout: Frank Edgerly
  • College Scouts: Brent Blaylock, Brendan Donovan, Matthew Manocherian and Patrick Moore

After looking at their credentials, here is what Steve Doerschuk of the Canton Repository had to say about the additions:

Others have poked fun at a couple of the hires:

Edgerly seems to have the most experience in the NFL, having worked with the New England Patriots for the past four years. Any time someone comes from the Patriots, you have to wonder about the Bill Belichick/Michael Lombardi connection.