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Happy Birthday to Your Beloved DBN Manager!

I like the balloons.
I like the balloons.
Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

June 2nd is always the best day out of the year. Why? Because it is my birthday, of course! It has been an honor running this site since March 2006, as we have now been running strong here at Dawgs By Nature for 7+ years! One of the things I have often teased, including last year, is the revelation of what my age actually is.

With that said, please use the comments section to...

  • Indulge me with congratulatory / personalized happy birthday messages;
  • Guess my age;
  • Break your blood oath and spill the beans on the whole golan story.

If you definitely know my age, please don't tell others and spoil the fun -- who knows, I might actually reveal the answer by the end of the day! Also, you can use this as a Sunday off-topic thread, which of course includes the temptation of who fesses up to the golan mystery!