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Print and Build Your Very Own Bernie Kosar

Click here for the full image above.

Football Cubee Maker (@CubeeMaker)

Back in May, we did a post titled, "print your very own Joe Thomas and D'Qwell Jackson." While Jackson didn't seem to get a whole lot of love, several Dawgs By Nature members went through the tedious exercise of building their very own Joe Thomas. It even gave one of our members super-human strength!

The site that created the blueprint for the cutouts, Football Cubee Maker, just released one for legendary Browns quarterback Bernie Kosar.

Granted, it looks pretty similar to the one for Thomas, but if you feel like adding another creation to your desk, by all means do so and share it with us! Maybe you could even get creative and add a novelty item or two to Kosar. The site has been making a bunch of players from other teams too, so if you feel like decorating with someone from all 32 teams, I'm sure you could do so (after your hand falls off). Be sure to check out their site here, or follow them on Twitter.