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Browns Season Predictions: Total Yards and Touchdowns for Trent Richardson in 2013

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier this week, we completed part one and part two of our training camp preview for the running back position, and our fullback preview. To cap off our preview on running backs, we took to Twitter and Facebook to get all of your 2013 predictions on how many total yards, touchdowns, and games played you expect Trent Richardson to have in his sophomore season:

Here were the responses:

In 2012, Richardson had 1,317 total yards (950 rushing and 367 receiving) with 12 combined touchdowns in 15 games played.

In 2013, your projections, on average, have Richardson around 1,553 total yards with 15 combined touchdowns in 15 games played. Overall, I think that is a pretty fair expectation to have. Richardson has shown he is willing to tough things out through injuries, the offensive line could get an earlier boost if John Greco starts from Day 1, and he is still a dynamic player. (Note that in the average above, I removed a couple of outliers that were more sarcastic or mistakes, like the one with 5,000+ total yards).