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Cleveland Browns Caption Contest (6/23): Aaron Hernandez


Congratulations to DBN member Dawg Nuts for winning our previous caption contest. The results for our tenth caption contest of the season are listed below.

Tonight, our caption contest features a guy who has been in the news for the wrong reasons lately, New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez. This photo comes from a public camp session last year, but knowing the circumstance that Hernandez is in right now, we can get creative about what he's thinking or looking at. Remember to "rec" the captions you find to be the most fitting.


Previous Contest Results:

Winner: "After getting thirsty at practice, Joe Thomas prepares his hand for the bottle of water he’s about to make appear." -Dawg Nuts

Runner-Up: "
Choke Yourself, Marecic. With my hand, numb-nuts! I said choke yourself!" -violentP