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Brian Robiskie Released by Detroit Lions Again


Brian Robiskie was the Cleveland Browns' second-round pick in 2009. Carlton Mitchell was the Browns' sixth-round pick in 2010. Neither of them are with the Browns anymore, but who would have thought that by 2013, Robiskie would be the guy without an NFL team to call home? (note: Mitchell is with the Buccaneers)

For the second time this offseason, the Detroit Lions released wide receiver Brian Robiskie today. From our Lions affiliate:

The Lions released him for the first time back in April, but they decided to re-sign him a week or so later. This time around, he was released with the non-football injury designation, indicating that he isn't currently healthy.

Do you know what else is sad? There were 27 comments in that thread over at Pride of Detroit, and not one of them even mentioned Robiskie. I mean, we can joke about the mysterious whereabouts of a Robiskie, but ignoring him altogether takes things to a entirely new level.

In another unique twist that involves a former Brown connected to the Lions, there is a chance that Don Carey, Cleveland's sixth-round pick in 2009, could be considered the team's starting safety.