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Cleveland Browns Training Camp 2013: DL Preview (Part 4)


In outlining our defensive line preview for training camp, I decided to break things down into four parts. Today's preview, Part 4, was supposed to feature Dave Kruger, Kendrick Adams, and Justin Staples. Even though all three men are listed as defensive linemen on the Browns' roster page, upon further review, I am classifying Adams and Staples as outside linebackers due to their weight (each of them are 250 pounds or less).

If I had recognized that earlier, Kruger would have been lumped in with Part 3 of our defensive line preview. Instead, he gets his own special highlight. Here are links to our previous defensive line previews:

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Part 3 DL Preview (Third-Stringers)


8276_mediumDave Kruger (#69)

6-5 | Weight: 285
Age: 23 | Experience: Rookie
College: Utah

Note: He is the brother of OLB Paul Kruger...played defensive tackle in college, now a 3-4 defensive end.

First off, for anyone who had not heard yet, Dave Kruger is indeed the younger brother of outside linebacker Paul Kruger. Both players attended Utah together, but I don't believe they played at the same time together.

There is a little weight discrepancy when it comes to Kruger. Draft profiles had him at 300 pounds, but the Browns' roster page lists him at 285 pounds. Originally, I thought he might bulk up a little bit to give nose tackle a shot, but it looks like he'll be used at defensive end.

Kruger was a defensive tackle in college. He probably won't be on the same defensive unit as his brother because of how far down the depth chart Dave is. Dave's chances of making the final roster are slim, but the brotherhood could end up landing him a spot on the practice squad, especially if he lives up to his run-plugging reputation.

Final Roster Odds: 1%
Practice Squad Odds: 50%

Our poll today asks whether the fact that Dave Kruger is the brother of Paul Kruger makes you hope he makes the practice squad, or if that "brotherly affiliation" doesn't really matter in the end?