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Browns Owner Jimmy Haslam is Selling His Minor League Baseball Team

Despite selling his minor league baseball team, Jimmy Haslam says that Browns fans should have, "absolutely zero to worry about."


I thought about leading this story with the title, "Jimmy Haslam plans to sell team," but that would have been too cruel of a teaser. Earlier today, Haslam confirmed to the Knoxville News Sentinel that a group he is a part of is selling the Tennessee Smokies, a minor-league baseball team at the AA level.

I think most of us had no idea that Haslam was involved in ownership of another team. The initial reaction upon hearing the news might be, "does this just the beginning of a chain of events that is going to lead to the sale of the Cleveland Browns?" According to Haslam, the answer to that question is "no" -- in fact, he said that the reason for the sale was so he could focus more on the Browns.

"[The sale] does have something to do with Cleveland in that we’re obviously going to be spending more time there," stated Haslam. "But I think the reality is the entire partnership group had owned the team for 12 years and felt like it was time for new ownership."

When asked if Browns fans should worry, Haslam said we should have, "absolutely zero to worry about." Well, maybe in regards to the sale of this minor-league team, but we still could have a whole heck of a lot to worry about when it comes to the trouble that Pilot Flying J is in. Fans are speculated that the minor-league sale is a quick way for Haslam to raise some cash while the FBI investigation is going on.