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Weeden Compares How Exciting the Offense is Under Chudzinski vs. Shurmur


Cleveland Browns quarterback Brandon Weeden joined the Hooligans on ESPN 850 for about 5-6 minutes Friday afternoon. For most of the interview, Weeden talked about the golf outing that he was participating in, and some of the things that he does during the dead portion of the offseason. You can listen to the entire interview here. Toward the end of the interview, the Hooligans threw in a question about Weeden's anticipation for training camp.

Hooligans: "You've got about 3-4 weeks to go until training camp. You've had the OTAs and the minicamp. Is there anything that's just strikingly different from the guys coaching you now and the guys coaching you last year?"

Weeden: "I think that there's just a little bit different attitude. I don't know if its positive one way or another. It's just a different feel. Speaking offensively, guys coming to work are excited about what we have installed that day. What routes we're running, what plays we have designed on that day. It's fun to go out on the field and compete against our defense. Our defense was playing extremely well. I think everybody's just -- after last year, I think everybody had a sour taste in their mouth. We're really amped up and ready to get going this year, especially with all of the changes we had. I think there's just a lot of excitement. The players are excited, we're excited to go, throwing the helmet and the pads on and starting to compete."


As you can see, Weeden is excited about the offense this year. That prompted the Hooligans to ask Weeden to concisely compare his excitement of the offense in 2012 vs. the offense in 2013. Weeden could have taken the safe road and just said something generic like, "they are both good in their own ways, but I like what we're doing." Instead, he went right for the jugular of Pat Shurmur's offense, so-to-speak, but rating his offense extremely low and Rob Chudzinski's offense extremely high:


Hooligans: "Give me an answer in one number. Your level of excitement on a scale of 1-10 with the offense you played last year."

Weeden: "3"

Hooligans: "Your level of excitement with the offense you're going to play this year."

Weeden: "12"

A 12? That sounds good, right? It also means that Weeden had better deliver -- if he feels this offense is great for him, he'll have no excuses if the offense isn't producing.