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Would Captains Drafting Teams do Anything to Spice Up the Pro Bowl?


Tonight, we're digging back a couple of weeks to the NFL Spring Meetings, where Commissioner Roger Goodell announced that the league is looking into ways to make the Pro Bowl more exciting in the years to come. The latest idea involves captains picking teams:

On the future of the Pro Bowl:

The big focus we have had now is how to make the game more exciting from a fan’s perspective. One of the concepts that was discussed today is the idea that the players are selected as they are now with a vote from players, coaches and fans but the actual teams are drafted by captains. That is an idea that came from our players. We are continuing to have dialogue with the players on that idea. We think it is exciting. It could have some fun attached to it. It is something we may do this season.

I think this is a decent idea because of the drama it would create, particularly if it ended up being something like Peyton Manning captaining one team and Eli Manning captaining the other. Eli could take Wes Welker, while Peyton counters to take Jason Pierre-Paul to hunt Eli down. And, whoever gets picked last would feel the humiliation, just like being picked last in a game of kickball. There is some fun little drama that can be added in a pre-show.

The problem is that once the game starts, this does absolutely nothing to improve the game, in my opinion. The players still really aren't going to give much effort, there is nothing to play for, and half of the best players don't even show up. Also, it would ruin what little tradition the "AFC vs. NFC" concept has built up over the years.

What are your thoughts on the idea of captains picking teams at the Pro Bowl?