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Former Browns TE Ben Watson Taking Part in Broadcast Boot Camp

Robin Marchant

Earlier this offseason, Cleveland Browns center Alex Mack took part in the NFL's Pro Hollywood Boot Camp. Today, the NFL announced participants for the seventh annual NFL Broadcast Boot Camp, and while there aren't any current members of the Browns participating, there is one former member: tight end Benjamin Watson, who signed with the New Orleans Saints this offseason. According to the press release by the NFL, here are some of the things Watson and the other participants will be doing:

It will include hands-on work in areas such as tape study, editing, show preparation, radio production, control room operation, studio preparation, production meetings, field reporting and game preparation. Each player will tape segments as a studio and game analyst and take part in a networking session with television executives. Each player also will serve as a live guest host on SiriusXM NFL Radio.

A full list of this year's participants is here.

The NFL states that 128 players have taken part in the Broadcast Boot Camp over the past six years, and 48 of them have earned broadcasting jobs, a 37.5% conversion rate. This is just a guess, but perhaps that number is not higher because some players who participated are still active players in the NFL.

Watson already has some experience in the broadcasting area, as he served as a regular guest on the pre- and post-game shows for WOIO, Channel 19 over the past several years, as well as being one of the more outspoken players in the media.