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Pluto: Browns Working to Tone Down the Entitlement Feeling


This offseason, Terry Pluto of the Cleveland Plain Dealer has wrote a couple of times about the front office trying to tone down the feeling of entitlement that some of their younger players may have. Pluto had a few more notes from "a top operative," presumably within the Browns organization, regarding the sense of entitlement at the receiver position:

Fighting entitlement is why CEO Joe Banner and others have been guarded with their praise for Gordon and others. The Browns did fear something such as a failed drug test could happen to Gordon, who was being celebrated in town for catching five touchdown passes as if he were the second coming of Paul Warfield or at least Webster Slaughter.


As one Browns operative mentioned to me, both Little (suspended for taking money from an agent) and Gordon (flunked three drug tests) didn't play their final seasons in college before being drafted by the Browns. Then they were given starting NFL jobs. That's usually not how it works in the league.

Pluto cited the additions of Davone Bess and David Nelson as ways to help tame the sense of entitlement. Pluto gave Little props by saying the coaching staff likes what they've seen from him, stating that Little "seems serious and practices hard." Pluto says that the vocal nature of Norv Turner in the offseason programs thus far is another technique to help ensure the youngsters don't get too full of themselves, so-to-speak.

Pluto also believes that the re-signing of Brandon Jackson, while to a lesser extent, was also made to prevent a sense of entitlement at the running back position, where there is also a lot of youth.