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Trent Richardson Reportedly Out Until August

Will Burge of ESPNCleveland is reporting that the Browns starting RB will be out until August with a leg injury.


According to ESPNCleveland's Will Burge, the Cleveland Browns will reportedly shelve Trent Richardson until August. The fear is that Richardson's current leg injury could develop into a stress fracture.

This comes on the heels of last week's comments that "injury prone is not going to be me". Richardson was held out of OTA's recently for an apparent shin injury. Now it appears the injury could be more serious than previously thought.

UPDATE: Burge's full report has been posted here with additional details, including news of migraine issues and weight loss for Richardson:

The source explained that the team is being “ultra-cautious” with Richardson’s injury because they are worried it could develop into a stress fracture. The source cited Kevin Ware, the basketball player from Louisville whose leg snapped on a seemingly routine play, as the worst case scenario that this injury could develop into. ...

The source close to Richardson also said that he has been taking medication for migraines. The source said the migraine medication combined with not being able to do a full weight lifting program has also caused Richardson to lose weight over the past two weeks.

This could be terribly troubling news if it doesn't heal before Week 1. Richardson's career is very young still, but how concerned are you with the pile of injuries that keeps getting bigger?