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Rob Chudzinski's Minicamp News Conference (Day 1) - Does Someone Have an Edge at Kicker?


Cleveland Browns head coach Rob Chudzinski met with the media following the first day of the team's mandatory minicamp on Tuesday. Chudzinski talked about what the agenda is for minicamp, what he expects from running back Trent Richardson, if there is a favorite at the kicker position, and more. The transcript of what Chudzinski discussed is organized by topic below:

Opening Statement, and the Agenda for Minicamp

(Opening statement) – "Good afternoon everybody. I’ll just give you a little bit of the schedule for minicamp. We’ll practice in the mornings then come back and watch and review the practice tape with the guys. Then do an install in the afternoon and have a walk-thru. It’s a little bit different than a typical training camp day. At this time of year, we are going to practice in the morning, come back with a walk-thru in the afternoon and then practice again in the morning. We will follow that schedule throughout the minicamp.

We are looking really from a goal standpoint at this minicamp. We’ve installed all of our things up until now during the course of OTAs and in the spring so we are not installing anything new for these guys during this minicamp. It’s basically a review. We covered first, second and third down situations today. We did a little bit of a move the ball situation where guys were off on the side just to simulate a little bit more of a game-like situation.

From a tempo standpoint, all of those things are the same as OTAs. We got some good work today, I am pleased with that and we will come back tomorrow and get some red zone and two minute during practice."

Trent Richardson's Status & Other Injuries

(Injuries in general) "As far as injuries today, we held Trent (Richardson) and we will hold him for the rest of minicamp as more of a precautionary measure. Jordan Norwood has a hamstring - we held him as well. The rest of the guys pretty much have been the same. We have been working Jordan Cameron back. He’s been working back in to practice just fine."

(On if the organization is concerned that Trent Richardson’s injury could get worse) – "We are just holding him. He could have gone these next couple days if necessary, but we are just being real precautionary about it. We don’t want the muscle strain to get any worse."

(On if they are just making sure Richardson is ready for preseason games and Week One of the season) – "That he has a full summer to get ready and prepare and get ready for the season and for camp."

(On if he expects Richardson to be ready day one of training camp) – "Yes, that is my expectation."

(On if Richardson could get a stress fracture if he pushes his injury too much) – "I don’t know any of the medical things about what could. He’s got a strain right now so we don’t want it to get any worse than a strain."

(On Richardson missing OTA's and minicamp) – "He'll be able to make that up. The key is that he needs to stay into it mentally and going through. He is getting mental reps and doing those types of things. He has really stayed into it. I think he is excited about this next season and his approach has been good."

(On if missing training camp is important for a running back) – "The mental part of it, right now being part of a new system, is probably the most important thing. Just getting into game shape and some of that happens, as you get into the preseason games and guys are out there play after play. There is nothing like game shape."

(On concerns about Richardson losing weight because of sitting out) – "No, not at all."

Evaluating the Backup Running Backs

(On Montario Hardesty and Chris Ogbonnaya) – "It has been a good opportunity for those guys to get some extra reps. Montario, really just going back to the beginning of spring, April 1, has done a great job in the weight room. He has put some muscle on and picked the offense up well. Just watching him on tape, and as a runner, he has the natural instincts and he is a slasher who has good vision. The thing I've really seen and been most impressed with is him catching the ball. I don't think he has dropped a pass out here. He has really worked a lot on his hands. OB (Ogbonnaya) is the kind of guy who is dependable, accountable, you know he is going to be there and you know he is going to be doing the right things. His versatility really is something that will help us."

(On if Ogbonnaya is in the fullback position when they are in the backfield together) – "We are putting them around and moving him around quite a bit."

Judging the Competition at Kicker

(On if they will start judging the kickers in preseason games) – "We’ve really been charting now and looking at every practice. It’s been close. It’s been back and forth. Obviously, you get into the preseason and those games and that will be a very important part of the process of the evaluation. But, it’s ongoing all the way through. When we are out here going through two minute situations and looking at the guys who kick at the end of the game, we are simulating a lot of those situations for those guys to go through."

(On if Brandon Bogotay has a stronger leg than Shayne Graham) – "His leg is stronger. With Shayne here, he’s a veteran guy who has been through a lot and been through a lot of games. Both of those guys have been kicking well."

Open Tryouts at the Kick Return Position

(On having an open tryout with regards to returners) – "It's really open right now. We're working a lot of different guys. You guys probably saw that today. Again, getting the mechanics of the blocking and the timing of that together, so we'll continue to work a group of guys back there. Then, we'll hone in by the time we get into the preseason and into the games."

David Nelson's Health & Rehab

(On where David Nelson is in his rehab) – "He’s in good shape. David is another one who is real close and if we wanted to push him we could have maybe pushed him out on the field at this point. He will be ready for training camp and that is our expectations of that. It’s good to be back. He had a great rehab with somebody he is real familiar and comfortable with so we got that done. He is a sharp guy. He has picked things up. He had an iPad with him so he has the playbook with him. He’s been working on that in the meantime."

(On if there are any negatives for Nelson not being around recently) – "The biggest things for him were getting his injury right, his knee right. That was the priority and that was fine."

(On Nelson’s health) – "He is on schedule. We are expecting him to ready for camp."

(On if it's a good sign to see him moving around) – "Yes, it's good to see him."

How Chudzinski Will Structure Training Camp

(On how he plans to structure his first training camp as Browns head coach) – "Just from different experiences, different places and working with different guys. Every place is a little different in terms of the needs. Sometimes the weather reflects it so you have to be flexible from that stand point. But really, everything is geared towards being the best environment possible for the guys to be able to learn and pick things up."

(On if there will be morning practices) – "We'll go afternoon practices, typically in training camp."

Off-the-Field Issues & Possible Suspension

(On if he has any players who he is concerned about in terms of off the field issues with the league or the organization) – "No. We are working and the guys are working well here. Since April 1, I've said that it's a fresh start for everyone and I'm pleased with the approach, the attitude and the energy of these guys. Just going one step further, looking at the coaching staff and watching these guys out here. Starting from the coordinators, you look at Norv (Turner), Ray (Horton) and Chris (Tabor) they are all great coaches and teachers who have different styles. For me to be able to stand back and watch these guys work has been a pleasure to do that too. And get a chance to see them and what they are like."

(On rumors that a Browns player could be suspended) – "I don't know anything about that."