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Rob Chudzinski's Minicamp News Conference (Day 2) - Assistants Keeping the Tempo Up


Cleveland Browns head coach Rob Chudzinski met with the media following the second day of the team's mandatory minicamp on Wednesday. Chudzinski talked about the assistant coaches keeping the tempo up, how the outside linebackers are doing, and more. The transcript of what Chudzinski discussed is organized by topic below:

Opening Statement - Cutting Down on Mental Errors

(Opening statement)- "I’m pleased with the last two days of work. Guys have come out here and are playing fast. As I mentioned yesterday, we are not really installing anything new. We have all the install in up to this point. We are just going out and looking for execution, guys playing fast, understanding what to do, cutting down on the mental errors from earlier in OTAs that we might have had and those types of things. As you saw, today we focused on the two minute drill and red zone area. We are really getting a lot of good work in those two areas. We will finish up tomorrow and I am looking forward to getting back in training camp with all the fans out here next time."

(On if he feels like they will be in good shape for the start of camp after tomorrow)- "I do. From the mental standpoint, installing our systems - offensively, defensively, special teams – I think the guys have gotten a good grasp of what we are doing. The nut and bolts, the basic things are in and we will hopefully be able to build from there when we get back."

Assistants Keeping the Tempo Up

(On if Ray Horton and Norv Turner have helped them keep a fast tempo at practice)- "That is something we talked about in the offseason in getting ready to go with practices – what we want to be and how we want to conduct practices. The experiences that those guys have had have helped in a lot of ways."

(On his impressions of the defensive line and defensive line coach Joe Cullen)- "I love that group. I think Joe Cullen is doing a great job with them. They are high energy, high effort guys. Their individual drills are fun to watch. They are getting after it and I love the attitude of that group."

Play of the Outside Linebackers, Sheard and Kruger, and Taylor

(On if Paul Kruger is able to help other players on the field or if he is too preoccupied with learning the system himself)- "He’s a guy that’s been around and has experience – having a Super Bowl ring. I think that is instant credibility. Paul, it’s a new system, some new terminology, but similar type concepts for him. He has been a good influence especially for the younger guys."

(On Jabaal Sheard’s transition)- "Jabaal has done a great job. You look at him making the transition from defensive end to outside backer. He is understanding the drop concepts and really looks real natural in that position."

(On how Phil Taylor’s transition into this scheme has been)- "I’ve really been pleased with what he has done. Both from just understanding what he is doing to a technique standpoint to setting a tempo and the pace. You will see him as the first guy in line down there in the drill work all of the things you would ask him to do."

Buster Skrine Having to Prove His Worth, Other CB Talk

(On if Buster Skrine has to prove that he can play)- "Everybody has to prove that they can play every day. That is the kind of environment we want to create. Buster is a scrappy guy. He is a hungry guy. He is real impressive in the approach that he takes to every single play. He has done a nice job out there."

(On if Skrine’s penalties last year came from being too aggressive or if it was from technique)- "A little bit of both. A lot of it is the technique to start out with. He has real quick feet and speed. He can mirror and it’s just a matter of being confident and consistent in his technique as he is working through and covering a guy and trusting himself."

(On if Joe Haden could have an All-Pro season)- "That’s what we are hoping for certainly. Joe has great ability. He is working to be consistent and to be the same guy here day-in and day-out. I’ve really been pleased with him and his approach."

(On what he has seen from Chris Owens)- "He is a guy that I had known from when I was in Carolina and he was in Atlanta. He has good feet, good mirror skills and a competitive guy. That’s the thing about that group of corners that I see, those guys are a competitive group. You like seeing that from that position."

(On if being signed to a one-year contract can make players like Owens hungrier)- "It can. I think Chris himself and the type of person he is, he is a hungry guy to begin with. Buster is the same way. I think those guys are that way regardless. I think they like playing football regardless of how many years they have on a deal or what the contract is all about."

Seeing Improvements from the Quarterbacks

(On what the quarterbacks need to do to satisfy him as they go through camp)- "Getting a grasp of the offense to begin with. Getting an understanding and being able to take that out onto the field, put them in situations and ultimately seeing them preform."

(On if the quarterbacks are improving)- "I see improvement out of all of them, especially looking at the last two days. I really see that they all have been able to take the things that we learned throughout the course of OTAs and then bring them here to minicamp and show improvement."

(On if he is pleased with what he is seeing from the quarterbacks collectively)- "I am. They have made progress and they have improved. I think we are on the right track. We have a lot of work to do, but we are heading in the right direction."

Discussing the Tight Ends

(On Gary Barnidge having good hands and being more than a blocking tight end)- "Gary is a guy who had some injuries earlier in his career. I think he is a versatile guy who can do both and he is getting better."

(On Jordan Cameron looking like he hurt his hamstring today at practice and if he will be okay)- "We will find out tomorrow. I think he was a little tight."