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Browns' Defensive Line Coach Joe Cullen "Doesn't Talk...He Yells"

Joe Robbins

We have heard the rumblings during the offseason programs already about Cleveland Browns defensive line coach Joe Cullen and his use of language. Fans should already be quite familiar with Cullen's storied history. Steve Doerschuk of the Canton Repository made a point to discuss just how a typical practice session goes for Cullen when it comes to his language:

Within a minute, hailing three different players, Cullen said:
"That’s the way to get off the (#@$!*) ball."
"Get you (wallet side) off that ball!"
"Who likes this (@!$#%)?"


The hot glare of Cullen’s eyes was practically visible on the backs of players as the hustled (none exercised half speed as an option) through it. Phil Taylor went first.

"Hand speed! Violent hands! Get through the trash, Phil!" Taylor batted the bags and roared through like a crazy man. This drew a thin smile from Cullen. "He doesn’t stop yelling," Taylor told us later. "He doesn’t really talk. He yells. But it’s cool."

If you are a high school student and want to experience Cullen's yelling, then join his camp.

Cullen was also recently interviewed by the Akron Beacon Journal. He talked about a variety of topics, including the team's starting linemen:

Q: How have your starting linemen — nose tackle Phil Taylor and ends Ahtyba Rubin and Desmond Bryant — looked so far, given that they’ve all had changes in positions?

A: Really good. First of all, you can always go back 4-3, 3-4. I know this: You have to play a shade of a body, and Phil Taylor has played that his whole career. He’s done a great job. He’s going to be our nose tackle. Ahtyba Rubin is going to be a nose tackle/left [end]. In our scheme, sometimes the left end is the tackle, just based on what the formation is when we go to a certain part of the defense. Desmond has played all four spots across the front so he’s not out of position if you look back at all the Oakland [Raiders] tape. He played one technique, he played three technique, he played head up. It’s really not anything new there. I think they’ve done a great job, and the backups have done a great job. It’s a great group to work with.