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Dawgs By Nature Radio: Episode Four (Top 15 Browns in Next Five Years)

The fourth episode of Dawgs By Nature Radio aired this past Tuesday night, and it might have been our finest show yet. You won't find a dull second of audio as Matt Wood hosted the show and was joined by Josh Finney and rufio.

The show started with Matt discussing breaking news as former Browns general manager and current Broncos front office man Tom Heckert was busted for a DUI. That was followed by a little more talk about Jimmy Haslam and his proclamation that he will not sell the Browns, which then segued into a brief discussion about what it would take for one to be turned off to the franchise.

We were thrilled to have johnf34 call up and give his input on the changing of the tides in the AFC North; it added an element that has been missing to the show.

rufio joined after the half-way point in the show and was just-in-time for all three guys to discuss who their Top 15 Browns in the next 5 years are. Not everyone was in agreement on their lists, but everyone had logical reasoning. Joe Thomas didn't even make No. 1 on anyone's list. Gasp! After you're done listening, we want you to tell us your list of top 15 Browns in the next 5 years. Or, just cherry pick from the gang's lists and tell us what you agree/disagree with.

Listen below and let us know any feedback you have about this week's show? Are there certain topics you'd like to hear discussed next week? Remember that DBN Radio will be back on the air LIVE! next Tuesday at 7 PM EST, so mark your calendars in advance!

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