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Do You Take Issue With Dion Lewis' Comment on Twitter?


Another member of the Cleveland Browns is catching some heat over a comment he made on Twitter, but for a different reason. Running back Dion Lewis, who was acquired from the Philadelphia Eagles this offseason, tweeted what CBS Sports called an "insensitive tweet" before deleting it. CBS Sports took a screenshot of the tweet, which you can see here. Here is what the original tweet read:

"Aaron Hernandez homie snitched on him lol. #unrealfriends"

For those who don't understand Twitter lingo, Lewis is saying that it is unreal that Aaron Hernandez so-called "friend" ended up snitching on him. The "lol" part insinuates that the comment is a bit light-hearted, and in no way is he saying that he supports Hernandez or supports a potential murderer.

As you can see in the CBS Sports article, though, Lewis responded to some of the criticism by continuing to defend his original tweet, indicating it was just more of an observation.

Personally, I don't really see a big issue with it. At the same time, as a professional athlete, it plays into the whole "be smart with your comments for PR reasons" I have talked about in the past. Lewis is a low enough of a profile player that this should blow over for him. What do you think of the tweet?