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Cleveland Browns Caption Contest (7/14): Kruger & Haslam


Congratulations to DBN member BrianB77 for winning our previous caption contest (his second in a row!). The results for our sixteenth caption contest of the season are listed below.

Tonight, our caption contest features an encounter between Browns LB Paul Kruger and team owner Jimmy Haslam. When training camp starts, I'm sure we'll have some better images to cycle through for these caption contests, but for now, we'll settle for this. Remember to "rec" the captions you find to be the most fitting.


Previous Contest Results:

Winner: "Since you would know Ben, would a pervy scumbag wear shades like these?" -BrianB77

Runners-Up: "Ben, there’s a difference between cuddling and pinning her down so she can’t move." -The Licensed Optimist (tie)

"Big Ben: Yeah coach, I held her head just like this.
Tomlin: At least tell me this wasn’t your cousin?" -Mike Krupka (tie)