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Taylor: Pilot Flying J Has Paid All Rebate Discrepancies Plus Interest

Jimmy Haslam released a letter to customers of Pilot Flying J, detailing all of the actions that the company has taken to resolve the issues that have come about.

David Richard-US PRESSWIRE

I am one of the first to want all the Jimmy Haslam talk to stop.

But the fact remains that new information will continue to come out and fans and media alike will be interested. We have to be interested, even if we're tired of hearing about it. The fate of our team and franchise is hanging in the balance. But again, I just want it all to stop. However, this information is noteworthy and warrants discussion as it could be seen as a "win" for Haslam in his and his companies' ongoing investigation.

Here is the actual letter from Pilot Flying J, signed by Jimmy Haslam, that went out to their customers dated 7/12/13. It details the progress Pilot has made in the 5 areas they said they would address following the April 22nd press conference.

Earlier today, before this letter was available to us here at DBN, Scott Taylor, an investigative reporter from Channel 19 News in Cleveland, reported some "new" findings from this letter that he obtained from a Pilot Flying J customer.

Here's what he had to say in summation on Twitter:

Jimmy Haslam says "We've completed review of all manual rebate customers’ accounts & paid all discrepancies with interest."

Jimmy Haslam just said Pilot Flying J mailed out rebate checks with interest to any customer who had a discrepancy after internal audit.

Jimmy Haslam placed 3 team members of diesel fuel sales team on administrative leave. 6 members of sales team resigned or were terminated.

Jimmy Haslam tells Pilot Flying J customers "We understand that Pilot Flying J still has lots of work to do to regain your trust."

Jimmy Haslam "We have eliminated the manual diesel rebates and installed systems and controls to help ensure this does not happen again."

Haslam "There were numerous manual diesel rebate accounts that had a zero balance and even some accounts that owed money to Pilot Flying J."

Pilot Flying J internal audit was done by more than 25 workers on nearly 5,000 diesel fuel accounts including those spotlighted in FBI raid.

Checks have already been sent out but Jimmy Haslam is inviting all manual diesel rebate customers to discuss or verify their findings.

Feds see any correction of possible wrong doing within a Company as a positive action & weighs that action in its investigation.

Jimmy Haslam & Pilot going ahead with $50 million shower improvement at Travel Centers & opening 16 new stores.

Jimmy Haslam will not say how many customers or companies were just mailed refunds plus interest from Pilot Flying J.

Jimmy Haslam has not settled any of the lawsuits brought against Pilot since the FBI raid in April.

In a letter to customers I obtained 2 hours ago. : where did he say this?”

While this doesn't solve any of Haslam's or Pilot's current legal issues, it's what's new in the ongoing Jimmy Haslam and Pilot Flying J investigation.