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Is The Pilot J Settlement Fair? Not So Fast...

A Knoxville lawyer involved in the case is telling his clients to avoid the Pilot J deal.

Dolla, dolla bills y'all...
Dolla, dolla bills y'all...
Alan Crowhurst

Tuesday of this week it was announced that Pilot J had reached a settlement with trucking companies and many Browns fans celebrated this as good news and maybe even a light at the end of the tunnel.

While it is good news that they have made at least some headway, some others think the settlement offer is not so hot.

Yesterday Drew McElroy, who represents several trucking companies suing Pilot J, issued a press release on the proposed deal. Feel free to read the McElroy Press Release yourself. As you can tell, it seems that at least a few companies will be pursuing damages from Pilot J on their own.

My reputation as a Haslam "hater" may cloud this for some, but why shouldn't they? Since when is paying back what you stole a reasonable solution?

If you stole money from a bank and were caught, do you just simply repay what you took? Better yet, if a customer stole gas from a Pilot J gas station, would they just simply pay what was owed if they were caught? Not to go school-teacher here, but what lesson is learned? What would stop them from doing it again? Take the Browns fandom and place it on the side for a moment. If you were the one wronged, would you not want more?

I know many are pointing the finger at "money-hungry" lawyers, but I think that is a cop-out. The only reason these lawyers are necessary is because Pilot J stole millions of dollars from people in the start of this ordeal.

The much more daunting problem is still on the horizon, the Federal Government continues to investigate Pilot J and their executives. While the news earlier this week was good news, the worst could still be yet to come. So the Browns get to celebrate something that has been all too familiar over the years, a small victory.