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Fan Perception: What We Learned About the Browns Safeties Heading Into Training Camp

David Richard-US PRESSWIRE

In each of our training camp previews, we conduct a poll at the end of the post. The polls are intended to gauge fan perception about certain players or roles on the Cleveland Browns heading into training camp. They help set the initial expectations that fans have on certain players. Here is a summary of each of those polls for the safety position:


T.J. Ward is in the final year of his contract. Will the Browns re-sign him for 2014 onward?


I really did not expect the results to be much different than they turned out. The fan support for T.J. Ward is pretty strong. I think most people agree that he is not a lights out/game-changing type of safety, but that he is of a high enough quality that losing him would be a big disservice to the secondary. The Browns have plenty of cap space, so we'll find out soon what the front office thinks. [Read Part 1 of the S Preview]


Who would you like to see start at free safety (next to T.J. Ward) to begin the 2013 NFL season?


Besides maybe the tight end poll, this one surprised me more than any other one. I thought Tashaun Gipson would receive close to half of the overall votes, with Jamoris Slaughter in second and Johnson Bademosi well behind in third place. Instead, the votes were split pretty evenly among the three players, with Gipson trailing both Slaughter and Bademosi. This will clearly be the position that fans are most divided about heading into training camp. [Read Part 2 of the S Preview]


Cornerback is the final position left to cover, which we will get to in the next couple of days.