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Cleveland Browns Training Camp 2013: OL Preview (Part 5)


Today, we finish off our training camp preview for the Cleveland Browns' offensive line by taking a look at four undrafted free agents on the roster: Braxston Cave, Aaron Adams, Caylin Hauptmann, and Martin Wallace. If you missed the first several parts of this series, the links are listed below for your convenience:

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8276_mediumBraxston Cave (#68)

6-3 | Weight: 305
Age: 23 | Experience: Rookie
College: Notre Dame

Note: Was the 5th-ranked center in this year's class...went undrafted...will try to be Mack's backup.

Out of the four players listed in today's preview, Braxston Cave has the best chance of making the final roster, because he will likely be working as the No. 2 center behind Alex Mack in training camp. Cave was rated the fifth-best center in this year's draft class and was projected to be a 5th- or 6th-round pick, but ended up going undrafted.

Unfortunately for Cave, backup centers rarely make a living in the NFL. The Browns had the same story with Garth Gerhart last year -- he was a projected mid-round pick, but went undrafted and spent camp with the Browns. He didn't make anyone's roster all season (the Packers signed him after the season ended).

If the Browns ever need an emergency center, John Greco and Shawn Lauvao have had some work there. Therefore, it's important that Cave shows he can offer something at the guard position too, which would give him a chance to stick around on the practice squad. Scouting reports say that Cave is solid, but not as effective in space and doesn't seem to have that mean streak that other players have.

Final Roster Odds: <1%
Practice Squad Odds: 20%


8276_mediumAaron Adams (#63)

6-5 | Weight: 305
Age: 24 | Experience: Rookie
College: Eastern Kentucky

Note: Plays smart and shows consistency...referenced as a positive influence by a college teammate.

Aaron Adams was a two-year starter at right tackle for Eastern Kentucky. Scouting reports say that he plays smart, made improvements as he gained more experience, and was a fairly consistent player. Patrick Ford, one of Adams' college teammates, cited Adams as an influence for him in college, perhaps showing positive character for the undrafted free agent.

I wish I could tell you more about Adams, but when you start getting down to undrafted players who weren't scouted or interviewed by the media very much, it's tough to come by any more information.

Final Roster Odds: <1%
Practice Squad Odds: 10%


8276_mediumCaylin Hauptmann (#61)

6-3 | Weight: 300
Age: 21 | Experience: Rookie
College: Florida International

Note: Seems to have natural strength...did extracurricular things like shot-put and karate.

Caylin Hauptmann is credited as having natural strength. He played left tackle for three years at FIU, and was also on the track and field team for shot-put.

Hauptmann seems to have a good, easy-going personality off-the-field and a nice mean streak on-the-field, which makes him the type of underdog I could see myself rooting for in training camp. Even if I am grasping at straws, I am elevating Hauptmann's chances at making the practice squad, compared to the other players.

He also knows karate, so if I didn't give him some respect, I would have feared any personal encounter with the guy.

Final Roster Odds: <1%
Practice Squad Odds: 40%


8276_mediumMartin Wallace (#64)

6-6 | Weight: 305
Age: 23 | Experience: Rookie
College: Temple

Note: Did some acting stuff in college...was seen as a leader among Temple's O-Line.

After Cave, I listed the next three offensive linemen in today's preview as tackles, because that is what they played in college. I'm sure one or more of them will try their hand at guard come training camp, though.

There isn't a lot of scouting information on Martin Wallace. He seems like another pretty fun guy, who was a leader among his teammates in college and did some acting work. Those qualities are hard to transfer to the NFL when you know you're entering a team at the very bottom of the depth chart all of a sudden, though.

Final Roster Odds: <1%
Practice Squad Odds: 10%

Our offensive line series is now complete! Next, we will move on to the wide receivers, a position that has had a very interesting offseason to say the least.

Our final poll on the offensive line is another approval poll type of thing -- which of the four players from today's preview do you like the best?