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Pro Football Talk Ranks Joe Haden as the NFL's No. 84 Ranked Player

When I asked which members of the Cleveland Browns didn't deserve to be left off the NFL Network's list of top 100 players, the feeling among fans was that Joe Haden got the shaft. That wasn't the case when Pro Football Talk began announcing their list of top 100 players. PFT released the first 25 names on the list, and the Browns cornerback came in at No. 84 overall.

The question now is where other members of the Browns will be on the list. It would be absurd to leave someone like Joe Thomas off the list, although PFT did rank the talented Jason Peters all the way down at No. 89 overall.

My guess is that running back Trent Richardson will not be on PFT's list. It can be argued that the media's perception of Doug Martin and Alfred Morris is higher than the perception on Richardson. Morris came in at No. 83 on PFT's list, and Martin was ranked at No. 77 overall.

The other candidates who could get some surprising respect from PFT, but will probably be left off, include LB D'Qwell Jackson and S T.J. Ward.