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Looking at the First Energy Stadium Signage for Cleveland Browns

FirstEnergy Corp. on Flickr

In the middle of June, the signage for First Energy Stadium began going up on the south side of the stadium. We had provided a few updates when the first few letters were installed, but never re-visited the "final picture" once the signage was complete. The signage on the south side was completed on June 19, 2013, and you can see what it looks like in the image at the top of this article.

A few days later, an image was provided on First Energy's Flickr account that highlighted what the illuminated signage looks like at night time:


The signage was installed by the Cleveland-based company Sign-Lite. Based on their website, the same company also installed the signage back when it used to read, "Cleveland Browns Stadium."

A few days ago, the signage began being installed on the north side of the stadium, which is the less visible side:

It is unclear if the north signage is complete yet.