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Cleveland Browns Caption Contest (7/21): Barkevious Mingo


Congratulations to DBN member VolkovNB for winning our previous caption contest. The results for our seventeenth caption contest of the season are listed below.

Tonight, our caption contest features something that is relevant in the news, and that is the official signing of first-round draft pick Barkevious Mingo to a contract. This picture is from when he was first drafted, but spin your caption however you'd like, based on his interaction with head coach Rob Chudzinski. Mingo's mother is also in the background. Remember to "rec" the captions you find to be the most fitting.


Previous Contest Results:

Winner: "I don’t know why you are having so much legal trouble here, in Baltimore they let us get away with murder." -VolkovNB

Runners-Up: "Thanks for helping me get out of Baltimore, Jimmy. They have STDs in the drinking water." -Brownie's Year