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Peter King's New MMQB; Will Visit Browns Training Camp on August 1

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Most fans are familiar with Peter King and his weekly column titled, "Monday Morning Quarterback." Some fans don't mind reading his commentary, while others are quite annoyed by it. I'm part of the crowd that enjoys reading his takes because his style is defined and unique compared to other national writers, but I understand why not everyone is a fan.

Earlier today, King launched a new endeavor: a full-fledged website and a staff of writers that he will manage, titled, "The Monday Morning Quarterback." What exactly will the site entail? Think of it as getting King's MMQB column on Monday, but a flavor of that for the rest of the week as well, with a bunch of original interviews with players and coaches thrown into the mix as well.

King also unveiled his 2013 NFL Training Camp Tour, announcing that he will be in Cleveland on Thursday, August 1, which is one week after training camp opens for the Browns. Here is what he is interested in seeing:

Browns (Aug. 1, Berea, Ohio) So much to see. But I’ll spend most of my time, I hope, watching what is suddenly becoming a well-respected defensive front. Where does Barkevious Mingo fit in? Mingo, Paul Kruger and Desmond Bryant … the Browns have gotten a lot tougher to steamroll.

Hopefully that sense of optimism will prevent a 2-14 prediction for the Browns in 2013. If things don't go well with Browns quarterback Brandon Weeden this year, King also sees Cleveland as being on the short list for the services of quarterback Johnny Manziel next year.

5. I think Johnny Manziel can have all the smart, well-spoken and well-handled press conferences he wants. But it’s not the media he has to convince that he’s a hard-working guy who isn’t over-sowing his wild oats. There’s a short list of people he must convince: Cleveland president Joe Banner, GM Mike Lombardi and coach Rob Chudzinski, Jacksonville GM David Caldwell and coach Gus Bradley, Oakland GM Reggie McKenzie, and, well, you get the picture. Manziel’s job now will be to not let any more 2:03 a.m. bar photos get on Twitter, and his job next spring will be to convince teams he’s more quarterback than party boy.

No thanks.