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Browns Pre-Training Camp Notes From Rob Chudzinski and Players


A little bit earlier, we summarized the news about RB Trent Richardson, WR David Nelson, OT Chris Faulk, and S Jamoris Slaughter, and their health heading into training camp. Here are a few other interesting notes that reporters tweeted out, mostly based on information from head coach Rob Chudzinski:

Position Battles

I am surprised to see quarterback up there, although I think it is the least serious of the competitions in the sense that there is very little chance that Jason Campbell or Brian Hoyer will beat out Brandon Weeden. Wide receiver is a bit interesting too, unless he is referring to further down the depth chart. The one position that's missing is inside linebacker, unless Craig Robertson's job is safer than I thought.

Getting back to Weeden, Chudzinski did relay some positive nuggets about him:

Chudzinski's Logic Behind Afternoon Practices / Full Pads

Some coaches have the philosophy that the mistakes made in the "real" practice should be corrected in the walk-through later on. I think I prefer Chudzinski's line of thinking a little more, but I think the best solution is to have some variety and sprinkle in some morning practices here and there too -- if not for the benefit of the team, do it for the benefit of the fans with different schedules.

Josh Gordon, Barkevious Mingo, and Brandon Weeden Speak Out

Nate Ulrich of the Akron Beacon Journal posted videos of the interviews with Gordon and Weeden:

-Video interview with Gordon
-Video interview with Weeden

Taste of Some New Features at Training Camp

First off, there is supposed to be some better food options for fans to buy at training camp this year, which is always a good thing. Daryl Ruiter posted a quick panoramic video of the outside area in Berea, and you can get a quick peak at the new grandstand, as well as the orange lining on the fences which appears to be replacing the dark green lining.