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Cleveland Browns sign OL John Greco to a 5-year extension

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David Richard-US PRESSWIRE

The Cleveland Browns have signed offensive lineman John Greco to a five-year contract extension, the team announced early Tuesday evening.

This news comes on the heels of Monday's presser with head coach Rob Chudzinski, in which he said that he considers the guard position, among others, to have a good competition heading into training camp this Thursday.

Well, it's now very likely that half of the puzzle at guard is put together. While we may not have known the extension was coming, it shouldn't be a surprise that Greco is now a lock for a starting position on this Browns offensive line, probably at left guard.

About a month ago our own Chris Pokorny considered his final roster odds to be a complete 100%, with a job security grade of B-.

Who hasn't jumped on the John Greco bandwagon this offseason? During his fifth year in the league in 2012, Greco started a career-high 10 games after starter Jason Pinkston developed a blood clot in his lung that kept him out the remainder of the season.

Greco took full advantage of his playing time to the point where I believe he is the favorite over both Lauvao and Pinkston to hold at least one of the starting guard positions (I am projecting left guard). Greco is seen as an average pass blocker, but he really excels in his run blocking ability.

Of course, this now leaves offensive linemen Shawn Lauvao and Pinkston to compete for the remaining starting guard position.