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Dawgs By Nature Radio: Episode Six (Previewing Camp & Top 15 Players)

The sixth episode of Dawgs By Nature Radio aired this past Tuesday night, as Matt Wood hosted the show and was joined by Jon Stinchcomb and Dan Lalich.

The early talk of the show centered around the breaking news that offensive guard had been signed to a five-year extension, a move that everyone seemed to be in support of. From there, the discussion kind of segued into the excitement for training camp getting started this week and some of the position battles that are expected. Other quick hitter topics included Norv Turner's comment about the fullback position, and stadium renovations.

The final half hour of the show focused on Matt, Jon, and Dan comparing their list of Top 15 players in the NFL besides the quarterback position. It was interesting to hear where everyone ranked Joe Thomas, why someone put...Jake Long? in their Top 15, the debate on where a guy like Adrian Peterson deserves to be ranked, and plenty of other differing and interesting opinions.

Listen below and let us know any feedback you have about this week's show. Are there certain topics you'd like to hear discussed next week? Remember that DBN Radio will be back on the air LIVE! next Tuesday at 7 PM EST, so mark your calendars in advance!

Download the .MP3 of this episode, or listen below.

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