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Rob Chudzinski News Conference: Day 1 of Browns Training Camp

Ron Schwane-USA TODAY Sports

Cleveland Browns head coach Rob Chudzinski met briefly with the media following the team's first day of training camp. Chudzinski talked about the overall feel of practice, the performances of some of the team's top players, Phil Taylor's injury, and more. The transcript is organized by topic below, or you can watch the news conference here:

Opening Statement - Excited to Start, and General Injuries

(General): "Excited to get started. We have everybody back out here. Great first day. Obviously, it’s a process; we have a long way to go and a lot of work to do. You have to take a first step to do that and we took the first step today. It was great to see the fans out here and be around this great group of fans and the great fans that we have that are a part of this franchise; a lot of fun as well.

"A couple guys today as far as we held out just for today: Kellen Davis, he had a slight knee sprain that has developed over the past week; he will be day to day. Not concerned about him. We also had Phil Taylor, who had a calf strain about a week and a half or so ago. He feels good, day to day and I’m not too concerned about that. Then of course, Chris Faulk and David Nelson; we are just evaluating them day by day. Questions?"

(On Josh Gordon’s injury, grabbing his leg): "He did. He had a cramp so we will look at him and make sure but I’m not expecting any issues there."

How Weeden and Richardson Looked

(On Brandon Weeden’s first day): "I think all of the quarterbacks of what I saw as practice went on, it got better and better, all of them."

(On Trent Richardson’s performance today): "We will go in and look at the tape, but it seemed like he didn’t have any issues and looked pretty good out there for the first day. Again, a lot of it is learning. We didn’t have any pads on yet. Another day before the pads go on. I think he caught the ball well and ran the ball and did some good things."

Joe Thomas Getting Mixed Up in the Scuffle

(On Joe Thomas being at the bottom of a pile during a fight): "Joe was in there somewhere. I don’t know if he started at the top and ended at the bottom or not, but I was in the melee there, too. It is training camp, energy is high. I am really pleased with the tempo of practice for these guys to have come back and haven’t worked out over the course of the summer and work out with this kind of tempo is outstanding."

Being Uptempo at Camp, and Interacting With Fans

(On expecting an upbeat tempo at camp and the regular season): "This is what I am used to. This is the tempo I am used to when practicing. So, this is how it should be on a day-to-day basis."

(On his excitement for training camp to start): "I think today was the longest day waiting, it seemed like. We had all our guys out there real early. It’s good to get it under our belts and obviously we have a lot of work to do, like I said before."

(On whether he ever attended Browns training camp as a fan when younger): "Never here. I went out to when it was at Lakeland one time when I was a little bit older."

(On whether any Chudzinskis were in the crowd today): "I didn’t see any. I am sure there are some out there. I will be looking after we get done here."

(On interacting with the fans after practice): "It was awesome. Just looking out and seeing those young faces out there with their Browns jerseys on and knowing how much that meant to me and how much it means to them. Hearing the dog barks and those kind of things. That’s the kind of excitement we want out there at practice and we want to generate. Our fans deserve it and we plan on giving it to them."

(On loud fans): "I love it loud. I love it loud."

Jim Brown's Role With the Organization

(On Jim Brown’s message to the team): "Jim is obviously back with the organization and we are all very excited about that, so I asked Jim to talk with the players. He is going to be involved, and what a great resource for them to have. I encouraged them to get to know Jim and be around Jim, the greatest player of all time. Certainly, a lot of what he has done with the community and a lot of experiences he’s had I think can help the players. He just talked about being a professional and being a part of the organization."