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Rain Forces Day 3 of Cleveland Browns Practice to be Closed to Public

Rain, rain, go away.
Rain, rain, go away.
Matt Sullivan

Fans were excited about seeing the Cleveland Browns in pads for the first time in training camp on Saturday, but unfortunately, weather conditions are going to force people to come back a different day. This announcement comes from the team's official site:

Because of the inclement weather, the Browns’ training camp practice at 4 p.m. today has been moved indoors. As a result, the practice will be closed to the public.

The decision was announced around 1:00 PM EST, which is two hours before camp opens to the public. It is unfortunate for fans who made special arrangements to get to Berea today, but you can't blame the Browns organization. This morning's rain in Cleveland has been pretty unusual. The rain started around 7:00 AM, and it has been consistently raining at the same, semi-light pace for six straight hours and counting. Usually, you'd expect the rain to be off-and-on or heavy at times, but that hasn't been the case. The rain is expected to continue falling, which is why practice was moved indoors.

We'll still have our cumulative recap of what the media reported on at camp later today, and on Sunday, if the rain holds off, I will attend what should be a packed Berea. I'm sure even more fans will be disappointed Sunday when the gates get closed and they are turned away due to the complex reaching capacity.